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The prescription medication had stopped working and Cierra’s migraines had seemed to spiral out of control.  She was having a migraine every other week it seemed like and they would last for days.  This was not the first time she had experienced frequent migraines nor was it the first time that her medication ‘routine’ had stopped working.  But she was now in high school and her migraines were causing her to miss up to a whole week of school at a time. The previous summer her pediatrician recommended that we take her to a neurologist at a metropolitan children’s hospital.  We ended up not taking her for a few reasons; her migraines had significantly decreased in frequency and I was leery of just throwing more medication at her.    

The events of December were the trigger point for me even though you could say that the trigger point started years before.  It was recommended by a family member to take her to a Functional Medicine doctor.  I had never heard this term before, oh but I wish I had.  I know hindsight is 20/20.  I had taken her to Conventional Pediatric Doctors, Pediatric Gynecologists, one Neurologist, and a couple Naturopathic Doctors.  They all had helped to a point but none had addressed the root cause (a phrase I hadn’t heard before but would later learn so much about).  I was very impressed with the Functional Medicine doctor she saw.  She spent about 2 hours with us going through family history and Cierra’s personal history.  During this appointment, she recommended that I be tested for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis since I had been treated by a Naturopath for hypothyroidism for about 8 years.  She was very concerned that if I did have Hashimoto’s that we would need to ensure Cierra did not develop it.  As it turns out I did have Hashimoto’s.  I refer to this as our trigger point because this is where it all began.  Cierra’s migraines in December triggered us to seek out answers from a qualified professional, which in turn triggered us to find the root cause for both of us.  Cierra for her migraines and other health issues, me for my Hashimoto’s.  It has only been a couple months but boy has it been a journey.  I won’t say an easy one and it got way worse before it has started to get better.  But we are finally on the right track from Triggered to Happy!!