We have been dealing with daughter’s migraines and other health issues for years, as well as my own.  The cycle has been research, see a medical professional, try something new, rinse and repeat. There is a plethora of information regarding hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue (which they now say is not a real thing – live a day in either my daughter’s or my life and you will think differently – but that is a whole soapbox within itself!!), PCOS, GI issues, etc.  However, there are not as many resources on adolescent migraines.  When Cierra’s migraines spiraled out of control yet again we were able to find some effective ways to treat her acute symptoms.  Many of the things we have tried or found as triggers, I wish someone had told me about when her migraines first started.  As we continued to dig deeper we found that migraines were not the trigger, but rather a symptom of the bigger picture.  There was something (or multiple things) causing her to have migraines and as we dug deeper, we found it was not just hormonal issues that were the problem.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made, we are God’s greatest creation, and as such think about how amazing and interconnected our bodies are.  So many Conventional Doctors just treat the symptoms we come to them with rather than digging deeper to find the root of the problem.  Many times, the medications or treatments they prescribe or recommend have horrible side effects or interactions, causing more problems.  We didn’t want just another pill to ‘throw’ at our daughter, the prescription medications had stopped working, so how was ‘throwing’ a new pill at her going to help?

It wasn’t until after what I call the turbulent days of the end of February and first two weeks of March, did this idea come to me.  It was on my heart to document this and share with the ‘world’.  I’m really not a big fan of blogging, nor do I love putting myself and my family out in cyberspace.  There are so many good things to be found on the internet and there are so many bad things.  There are so many negative comments that can really be discouraging.  But I got over myself and here we are, our journey.  Please note that the first several posts are historical.  But they are important because so many key discoveries as to what worked for both my daughter and myself were made during that turbulent time.  I say they were turbulent days because our daughter was hit with debilitating migraines back to back.  For four weeks she only had less than a handful of days where she was migraine free.  She would just come off of one, still have the ‘hangover effect’ from the migraine and bam, she would be hit with another one.  But as of today she has been migraine free for 8 full days.  That is such a victory for us.