I’m just a mom with a daughter who has dealt with migraines since about the age of 13. It all started when she began menstruating; immediately she became irregular and was quickly becoming anemic.  We took her to Pediatricians, Pediatric Gynecologists, and Naturopathic Doctors.  Each gave us a temporary fix either by medication or supplements; but her irregular cycles persisted.  While trying different prescription medications she developed migraines.  Thus, began a long journey of persistent and severe migraines.  Prescription medications worked for a while and then would become ineffective.  Our daughter has been and sometimes still is down for days, unable to do anything but sleep in a dark and quiet room. 

This blog is a chronicle of our journey.  Please know that I am NOT an expert by any means and our journey has been filled with trial and error, as well as many trials.  I am a pastor’s wife thus our daughter a pastor’s daughter.  Our faith in God and His healing is central in our lives.  In the storms, He has given us comfort and peace and while sailing smooth seas He has given us laughter and hope.  Most of all we have joy.  Our goal is to journal what worked for us and hopefully it will help someone who is suffering from migraines or has a child who suffers from them.